Conditioners get a bad rap!  People claim they weigh down hair, make it greasy, create build up, flatten hairstyles, etc and don’t want to use them.  The truth is, conditioners only cause these issues IF the wrong one is being used for the wrong hair type.  Conditioners are vital for maintaining shine by smoothing the cuticle layer (that’s the outermost layer of your hair strand!) which aids in detangling.  They fill in the gaps caused by damage from chemicals and/or heat styling and add a protection barrier.  Conditioning also keeps the right balance of moisture and protein for strength.  Whether the hair is fine, limp and oily, but especially if hair is dry, color treated, chemically treated, curly or has split ends, every head of hair needs it.  Still not convinced?  Let me help you choose the perfect conditioner for your hair by breaking the different types down into three basic categories.

Leave In’s:  These are awesome for fine hair, as leave in’s are generally lighter weight and add protection without leaving finer textures feeling oily or flat.  Leave in’s are also great for layering with a daily conditioner on more compromised hair strands.  An extra bit of conditioning and protection is always welcomed by chemically stressed locks!   Elixer 11 by Solo Capelli Studio Line is a wonderful leave in conditioner that is made to be used daily.  Along with protectants for sun and chlorine, Elixer 11 provides shine, prevents split ends and smooths frizz.

Daily’s:  Daily conditioners are what most of us are familiar with, because it’s what most of use!  There are so many varieties available but the trick is choosing the correct one for your hair type.  If you do not know what your hair type is, ask your stylist, they will be happy to recommend the best one for you.  Solo Capelli Studio Line has two daily conditioners, Maximum Fullness and Colormoist.  Maximum Fullness a lightweight formula that is perfect for finer hair textures.  Keratin protein strengthens fragile hair while adding shine without flattening or adding weight.  Colormoist is wonderful for color treated hair, thick and coarse hair and curly hair.  The emollient rich formula adds moisture and silkiness while improving manageability.   

Masques:  Deep conditioners, intensive conditioners and masques are made to be used once or twice a week depending on how often you shampoo or the amount of damage your hair has endured.  Besides filling in the gaps from split ends, these intense conditioners penetrate further into the hair for more benefits.  Indulge Masque from Solo Capelli Studio Line is the ultimate moisturizing treatment!  Indulge Masque adds intense moisture on chemically treated hair without weighing hair down.  I especially love this masque for naturally curly hair, because the extra moisture keeps curls springy and fuzz free.

Here are a few other tips to help you get the most out of your conditioner…

  • Use the correct amount- depending on your hair length, think dime sized for short hair, nickel size for medium hair and quarter size for long hair.
  • When applying, start at the ends and work your way up.  This keeps all the conditioner from sitting on top of your head which will leave your hair flat and greasy… yuck!
  • If your hair tangles easily, use a wide tooth comb in the shower to comb through your hair while the conditioner is still in.
  • Switch your conditioning regime up depending on your hair needs and time of year.  Sometimes you’ll need more, sometimes you’ll need less.
  • Some people like to rinse until their hair is squeaky clean, but I recommend leaving a slight residue.  No sense in rinsing all those benefits and protection down the drain. 

When in doubt about what conditioner is best for your hair, ask your stylist!  They will be happy to recommend the appropriate product for you.

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