Ah yes, spring is in the air…  The days are getting longer, bulbs are starting to flower and the weather is feeling a little warmer each day.  Spring is lovely here in the Pacific Northwest.  It is my favorite time of year, because the deep shades of fall and winter are giving way to the lighter and brighter shades of spring and summer.  This is true with hair color too!

Spring is also when the fashion shows hit Milan, Paris, London and New York City. Designers unveil their latest looks paired with hairstyles and colors inspired by their clothing lines.  It’s no surprise when certain hair colors become highly requested in salons, especially when celebrities (ah hem, Julianne Hough) are spotted with the newest trendy cut or color.  What is a surprise to me this year, is this year’s color is RED!  From fiery to copper to believable.  Spotted on models from Alexander WangGucci and Miu Miu– red is most definitely in!

Should you decide to take the leap into a ginger colored life, take note:  reds are notorious for fading and should be treated respectfully to keep them bright.  Never been a ginger before?  Don’t worry, there is a perfect and glorious shade of red out there for most all skin tones.  A thorough consultation with a professional colorist will give you the information needed to achieve the best results.  The tips below offer additional suggestions for maximum color results between salon visits:

  • Shampoo with cool water to keep fading to a minimum
  • Use sulfate free shampoo & conditioner like True Hue Anti Fading Shampoo and Colormoist Conditioner  from Solo Capelli 
  • Try a dry shampoo like Solo Capelli’s Dry Texturizing Shampoo, to avoid daily shampooing
  • Avoid high heat from styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons & curling irons
  • Use a thermal protectant such as Moroccan Miracle

If you do go red for Spring, post your new look on social media and tag us @solocapellistudioline on Instagram and/or  Solo Capelli Salon and Studio Line  on Facebook.  We would love to connect!

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