Picture this… you’ve  just had your hair done by your stylist and love it.  Your hair is shiny, has volume and looking exactly the way you like it.  You think to yourself, “If only I was able to make my hair look like this when I do it!”.  You may even jokingly ask your stylist if they would come by your house every morning and style your hair before you leave for work.  Well, what if I told you that you can actually achieve the same look?  How?  You just have to use the right haircare products for the job!  

More than likely, at some point during your salon visit, your stylist has been educating you on their choice of salon products for your hair and why they feel this combination will be most beneficial.  They may give product suggestions to get those beach waves going or to tame frizz.  I’m sure your stylist has also recommended a shampoo and conditioner that is awesome for maintaining your color, even letting you know that their  service is not guaranteed unless you use the suggested products at home.  The reason why your stylist is taking the time to recommend items for use at home, is because these products are the tools that will give you the optimum results between salon visits.

Salon products are developed to help professional stylists meet the hair needs of their salon guests.  Whether for styling, color maintenance, hair condition and more, these products are designed to keep the hair at a proper PH level, are highly concentrated (90% product base to 10% water) and the overall quality of the ingredients are superior.  Many contain sunscreen, conditioning agents that won’t build up on the hair, cleansers that will not strip color or natural oils, added protection from styling tools, etc.  Basically, they contain all the right stuff and (in general) leave out the junk.  

Professional haircare products may seem too expensive and therefore out of your budget, but consider the amount you are using with your favorite drugstore brand and how quickly you blow through the bottle or there are several bottles of half used product under your bathroom sink that “don’t work”.  Sound familiar?  Maybe it’s time to listen to your stylist’s recommendations.  Ask questions.  Find out what will work best for your hair texture, style and/or color.  Start with one or two products and add from there.  

If salon products are truly not within your reality right now, ask your stylist what your other options might be.  Check to make sure you are using the right product for your hair type and texture.  Read labels and find the best product you can afford.  You might just find that you can create salon hair at home!



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