Well, October is just about to end and before we know it the holidays will be here!  This month’s blog will be short and sweet, but I do hope that it will be helpful so you can keep your hair looking it’s best during this busy time of year.

Most important, if you have not scheduled your holiday appointments, do so now!  Most stylist’s schedules are already full with their regular guests who schedule four, six and eight weeks in advance.  This year, the major holidays fall at the beginning of the week, so if you are trying to time your appointment before a specific holiday, plan now.  The week before is generally pretty crazy in the salon, because holiday celebrations are at their peak in December and every one wants to look fabulous!

So, you’re a last minute kinda person?  Maybe you decide at the eleventh hour to attend a party for New Year’s Eve?  Or perhaps you only visit the salon when the mood strikes.  Regardless, you might still be in luck!  Generally, we stylists extend our hours knowing that our guests may need more appointments than normal,(ie; parties, events, relatives coming to town).  Many of us stay late, come in early or add additional days to our schedule. 

Just exactly what are the options if your preferred stylist is “booked”?  Ask to be put a cancellation list.  Clients are often over committed this time of year and sometimes they will cancel or reschedule.  Another choice is to have a referral to another trusted co worker or salon.  Please don’t go somewhere else blindly, we are more than happy to refer you if it comes to that.

We love to see our clients and guest look and feel their best all year long, especially when there is an important, festive or memorable event in happening in their life.



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