After a long hiatus, I am coming at you again with the monthly blog for Solo Capelli! This month I will be exploring hair trends for men and women for 2019.  In my opinion, the biggest trend I see is in men’s hair- good bye hard part and that lumbersexual look, hello texture and long hair!  In women’s hair, short styles are worn longer and long hair is full of layers and movement.  So, let’s not waste any time and dig right in…

Men’s Trends:

  • The Side Part- essentially a traditional men’s cut, but using product keeps it neat and adds style.
  • GI/Military Cut– the name says it all, but these military inspired cuts have style!  This look is probably the most high maintenance, with visits to your barber every 1-2 weeks to keep it looking top notch.  Using a pomade or wax for will keep you looking polished and on trend.
  • The Long Sweep- long hair for men that is groomed with either a subtle side part or all pushed back.  Guys with long hair- if you choose to wear your hair more casual, a side part is best.  For a more formal look, comb your hair straight back and style using a blow dryer and firm hold styling product.  
  • The Punk– this look is a great way to go if you are in the midst of growing out a shorter cut.  Lots of texturizing is required to achieve movement and get that messy, edgy look.  A matte pomade or wax is perfect for styling this semi-rebellious look. 

Ladies Trends:


  • Reds- Pantone Color of the Year “Living Coral” is influencing haircolor this year with heavily saturated pigment to barely there pastel.
  • Brunettes– color seems to be trending on the cooler sides with violet backgrounds and a matte look to give hair a bit of a dusky effect.
  • Fantasy Color- any shade of purple will do!  Violet, Plum, Lilac have been seen bold and sassy to faded and demure.
  • Blondes- this shade looks like its moving to a warmer tone.  With names like Antique Gold and Honey Blonde, I think blondes are definitely moving away from icy.
  • Natural Hair– yes, you read that right!  Ladies are growing their color out and opting to let that gray shine.  While it is a daunting process, there are color services available to make the transition much easier.


  • Bobs- rounded bobs are being added to the line up in this classic style. Blunt and A Line bobs are still around too.  In my opinion, you can’t beat this sleek style for adding instant chic factor to just about anyone.  (Since Lobs are just a long version of a bob, I will include it here and, note to self, it is still going strong!)
  • Fringe/Bangs– a big yes!  Curtain, blunt, short, choppy, curly- they are trending everywhere.
  • Short Cuts- pixies are still “in”, but with some length, especially on top.  Bowl cuts are making a come back, but not your 60’s inspired heaviness.  These modern bowl cuts have layers and texture for softness and movement.
  • Medium and Long Hair–  these two get freshened up lots of layering for texture and movement.  Shaggy, face framing, long, airy and cascading, these descriptors are what you’ll use to describe your inspiration to your stylist.

Finally, I keep hearing that perms are making a comeback and I’m not surprised… People with textured and curly hair people have been embracing their natural hair.  With the correct product and a stylist who is experienced with curly or textured hair, it’s easy to love that gorgeous hair. 

So, what do you think?  Are there any styles or colors that you are excited to try out this year?  I think I would like to try on some faded lilac or coral this year and when I do, I will be sure to share!



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