It doesn’t matter if your hair is long, medium or short.  Layered or all one length.  We all get stuck in a styling rut!  With a few simple changes though, you can instantly update your hairstyle without any drastic measures.  Read below for my four suggestions to freshen up your look…

1. Beach Waves–  Beach waves take the place of the standard ringlet look on medium or long hair.  Beach waves can be placed higher on the crown for volume and lower around the face for softness. The look you’re going for here is unstructured to give you that fresh, youthful, I just woke up looking this sexy look!  Bonus tip: try using a sea salt spray or Stay Spritz and Shine for added texture and hold.

2. Pony Tails–  Are you a pony tail person?  If so, position your pony at lower part of your crown and in line with the angle of your cheekbones.  This has the effect of an instant facelift, because it draws the eye up and creates a beautiful, uplifted profile.  Another benefit of this placement, is the face and jaw slimming effect due to the the added volume at the crown.  Bonus tip: add a little backcombing and tuck loose ends in to create a bun for a quick style variation!

3. Partings–  Perhaps you’ve always parted down the middle.  Move that part slightly off center so you are not visually splitting your face in half.   If you’ve been wearing a side part, try changing sides.  As we age, our hairlines can recede and if you have always worn your hair to one particular side, you may be highlighting that area.  Also consider moving the side part down further on the head or at an angle for a deeper part that will create more volume on one side and give a slightly asymmetrical  appearance.  Bonus tip:  Side parts work awesome a side swept fringe!

4. Hair Color–  If you have been sporting the same shade of color for a few years, ask your stylist/colorist about adding highlights and/or lowlights for dimension.  Variations in color whether placed by nature or created the salon, add interest and depth bring out youthfulness by mimicking the color of children’s hair with all of it’s sun kissed loveliness.  Bonus tip:  Ask for a few face framing highlights to brighten your facial features for a modern, updated flair!

That’s it, four easy ways to keep your style on trend and fresh!

I always appreciate your feedback and comments, so leave them below and share with a friend if you feel inclined.  Thanks!

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